Purple Yeti

by Levity Beet

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Hiding in the mountains of New Zealand - The Purple Yeti


I live with a purple yeti

he takes care of me

feeds me bugs and live spaghetti

and if I say please

he makes wriggly tea

He heats it up on lava chutes

bubbling in his cave

sometimes we catch lava fish

but there’re fierce and you got to be brave (and we are!)

High, high way up high

with a purple yeti on a mountainside

High, high living up high

with a purple yeti on a mountainside

People try to take his picture

with their fancy cams

but he’s shy and very stealthy

so they never can

Once a hunter with his traps

caught him in a snare

he struggled but it held him fast

pulling on his purple hair (oh dear!)

I’m going to save that purple yeti

I’m going to set him free

so we form a mountain posse

all my friends and me

We swoop down on that hunter fast

lift him by the hair

drop him in the berry patch

purple splotches everywhere

That man’s quite changed - he’s roughed and tumbled

when he crawls on out

he’s dirty, bruised and slow and purple

‘a yeti’ we all shout

and whisk him off all tied up tight

clandestinely too

now he stars most every night

in a traveling freak show zoo and I’m still...


released June 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Levity Beet New Zealand

Hi -I write, produce and perform music for kids of all ages using instruments I make from old heaters, carrots, balloons, airbed pumps and dreaming.

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