There is one in the Bush

by Levity Beet

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The last surviving dinosaur lives in New Zealand - here is it's song!


Di di di di di, di di di di di, di di di di dinosaurs

I saw a bully in the sandpit pushing kids down

like a brontosaurus stomping all around

I try to understand that sometimes life is hard

maybe this heavy dude has a heavy heart

Now I’m talking on the phone, baby brother goes shriek

like a velociraptor with bright red cheeks

the sound’s so sharp, it’s cutting me in two

my little dino-bros got chompers pushing through

Dinosaurs aren’t gone like moa

there’s one in the bush here in Aotearoa

I’ll give you five - can you figure out the answer?

tahi, rua, toru, wha, rima - tuatara!

My momma is a T-rex - I know I heard her roar

when she tripped on the toys I left there on the floor

now she’s on the hunt, and she wants my head

I’m hiding in the sock swamp deep under my bed

Dad is doing yoga - stretch, stretch, stretch

wants to be mamenchisaurus with a long long neck

I’m getting kind of bored, I think I need a snack

I turn into Pteranodon and swoop down on his back-hey!


released June 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Levity Beet New Zealand

Hi -I write, produce and perform music for kids of all ages using instruments I make from old heaters, carrots, balloons, airbed pumps and dreaming.

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